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Mountain bike Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

An amazing journey through an enchanting land. Challenging, enthralling, awe-inspiring. A privilege to experience the culture of Tibet. One of the most amazing tours I have ever undertaken. Jill, New Zealand


Home for the night is a tent as you mountain bike Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

Thank you, guys for helping me see there is more to life. There is a whole world out there and I intend to see it and live it. Nicola, UK

Meet interesting locals as you mountain bike through Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

Please let the world know more about you. This is one of my best holidays ever. Johan, Norway

Meet the people of Tibet and Nepal - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

A fantastic, well organised trip - I'd certainly recommend people try for themselves. Excellent value for money too! Samantha, UK

Lunch at your camp as you mountain bike through Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

Spectacular mountain scenery mountain biking through Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

Length 28 days

Price guide

2010 US$4015 per person

(see notes at bottom of detailed itinerary page relating to price changes, we will price this trip on time of application, the price may  go up or down depending on exchange rates)

Grade E - high altitude, strenuous activity but no pack carrying
Extras - Return flights to Kathmandu
Start - Kathmandu
Finish - Kathmandu

Relax and read a book after mountain biking the day away - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours

The struggle of the first climb at altitude and the overwhelming sense of achievement at the summit. The challenge of it all. Wendy, New Zealand

Shop for souvenirs on your mountain bike trip through Tibet - Active Earth New Zealand hiking tours


Tibet - group trip

Mountain Bike Lhasa to Kathmandu

The challenge of a high altitude environment: from 3600m in Llasa to 5300m at Everest Base Camp and down to 1200m in Kathmandu. Tibetan, Chinese and Nepali cultures and religions. Monasteries, villages, the awesome Himalayan mountains, Everest Base Camp, sealed and unsealed roads, wildlife, yak trains, markets and a wide variety of foods. The feeling of really being there...on your bike. A unique, close encounter with a world so far removed from what we would call ordinary. This is truly an adventure, with challenges every day, no matter your fitness level or ability.

Next trip not until 2012. Contact us if you want to find out more.


Photo Gallery Detailed Itinerary


• Tibetan, Chinese and Nepali cultures and religions
• Dramatic scenery of the Himalayas
• Everest Base Camp
• People... Nepali, Chinese, Tibetan
• Challenges of mountain biking and living at high altitudes

Days 1-2

Arrive Kathmandu. Guided trip to the artisan village of Baktapur. Explore Thamel shops.

Days 3-4

Fly to Llasa, right past Mt Everest. Visit Potala Palace, the ancient home of the Dalai Llama. Acclimitise to altitude, visit markets and monasteries.

Days 5-6

Assemble bikes at Lhasa hotel. Visit Monastery on bikes.

Days 7-10

Llasa to Nagartse/Langla (4420m). We're off, out of the city and into the wilds. Exhilaration on finally reaching the top of our first pass. There are bound to be tears (of relief, happiness, exhaustion), but what a fantastic experience. Our first La, prayer flags and La dweller souvenir sellers.

Days 11-13

Nagartse/Langla to Penam Xian. Our first 5000m+ La. Wow, it's high up here! We've already done 180km and there's downhill to follow.

Days 14-15

Penam Xian to Shigatse (3860m). We enter a real town, with shops, cars and markets, and we get to stay in a real bed in a hotel. With a bit of luck we might even get a real shower, possibly even hot, and a chance to explore and eat out if we wish. We then spend a whole day off our bikes. There are markets and monasteries to explore as well as internet and shopping opportunities.

Days 16-19

Shigatse to Gyastso (4560m). Las are interspersed with long, flat sections of road. Acclimitisation is really kicking in now as the Las don't seem as bad as earlier uphill sections. On a shorter day we have the possibility of a visit to a local hot pool. A climb all the way up to 5282m is rewarded with our first fantastic view of Everest.

Days 20-22

Gyastso to Chodzom (4570m). We pass through a check point, then turn off the tar seal road and head towards Everest Base Camp. We tackle another 5000m+ La and this one is great. You can see the winding hairpins for miles in front and behind you.

Days 23-24

Chodzom to Everest Base Camp. Everest is monopolising our thoughts. We are very close and at every turn we expect to see the mountain. For some, this is the whole reason for being here. You have the option of biking to Base Camp or some choose to walk, and perhaps hire a ride in a horse and cart back down to the campsite. This is an amazing and inspirational place to be.

Days 25-27

Rongbuk to Takoya (4460m). We travel back the way we've come and take an even less used road as a shortcut back to the Friendship Highway. For some this will be the highlight of the vacation, as the road roughens and some of our mountain biking skills are put to the test. An amazing countryside lines our path downhill through the valleys, all within sight of the magnificent Himalayan range, with Cho Oyo off to the left.

Days 28-30

Takoya to Tatopani (1600m). There are only two big Las left in Tibet. We are fully acclimitised now so it really doesn't seem hard, although the wind coming off the Himalayan range may be a little cool. After our last La in Tibet it's downhill, through the town of Nyalam, and into the head of the gorge into Nepal.

Days 31-34

Tatopani to Kathmandu (1300m). We start to experience a new culture, warmer temperatures and a lot of green. Who said the challenges were over, there is still Kathmandu traffic to battle with. In Kathmandu we rest up while dismantling, cleaning and packing up our bikes. There is a free day for a school visit or shopping. We stay in a hotel with hot showers, a bar and pool, and really close to restaurants and souvenir shops before departing Kathmandu.




• An experienced New Zealand guide who has escorted people on this adventure holiday before.
• A Tibetan guide who will act as an interpreter.
• A Nepalese team of 3-4 including a trip leader, cook and helpers.
• Tents and sleeping mats.
• A bike bag that your bike can be packed into for the flight to/from Kathmandu.
• Land Cruiser 4WDs to transport gear and people.
• Transportation of bikes and luggage from Kathmandu to Llasa.
• All accommodation.
• Three tasty, plentiful and nutritious meals per day except when in Llasa and Kathmandu.
• Guided trip to the artisan village of Baktapur.
• Visa for Tibet.


Additional costs

• Meals in Llasa and Kathmandu (approximately 4 days).
• Meals when not cycling, and optional meals out when staying in towns while cycling.
• Snacks and drinks.
• Souvenirs.
• Visa for Nepal (you will need to supply this yourself).


Important note

All information here was correct at the time of publication. Any updates about this trip, communicated to you, take precedence over information written here. This includes price, departure date and itinerary. Tibet and Nepal are volatile areas and changes may need to be made. Please contact us for more information.


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